Cavadis strengthens its organization to accelerate the development of a 4-plex in-vitro diagnostic assay
27 februari 2012, Utrecht (the Netherlands) - Today Cavadis announced that it has strengthened the organization to accelerate the development of its in-vitro diagnostic assay and accompanying risk prediction model. Cavadis is a Dutch biomedical company active in the field of cardiovascular risk assessment. 
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The company discovers and validates novel biomarkers to the proof of principle and collaborates with industry partners to develop and commercialize in-vitro diagnostic assays. The ultimate goal is to make clinically meaningful risk stratification tools that will facilitate personalized treatment to achieve better patient outcomes.


"We recently executed proteomic studies of exosomes and identified a panel of four biomarkers predictive for secondary cardiovascular events.", as Dominique de Kleijn, Chief Technology Officer, explains.  

"In subsequent validation studies the predictive value of this panel outperformed the traditional risk factors and showed an impressive shifting power in patients classified as high or low risk according to traditional risk factors alone.", Gerard Pasterkamp, Chief Scientific Officer, adds.


Today Cavadis announces the appointment of Dr. Herfita Agustiandari as Project Leader Assay Development. Heico Breek, Chief Executive Officer: "We are very pleased that Herfita has joined our organization."

Herfita joined Cavadis as Project Manager to lead the development of the in-vitro diagnostic cardiovascular assay. Herfita will work closely together with Department of Experimental Cardiology of the University Medical Center Utrecht and Julius Center, the Netherlands to develop biomarker-based risk prediction models. Herfita Agustiandari: "I'm very excited to help get the company to the next phase."


You can read more in the official press release, here


For further information please contact:
Heico Breek 
Chief Executive Officer 
t. +31 (0)30 236 73 96

About Cavadis

Cavadis is a Dutch biomedical company active in the field of cardiovascular risk assessment. We develop prognostic tests to identify patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. The company identified several novel biomarkers predictive for cardiovascular events. It is our goal is to develop clinically meaningful risk stratification tools that will help personalize treatment and achieve better patient outcomes. 

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