Utrecht Holdings
Utrecht Holdings

The Utrecht Holdings unite Universiteit Utrecht Holding B.V. and UMC Utrecht Holding B.V. each of which are full subsidiaries of the Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht respectively. They share a common board of directors and are responsible for the successful commercial exploitation of the patent portfolio.

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The Utrecht Holdings are exclusively mandated with the responsibility of managing and commercialising the patent portfolios of their respective institutions.

In this way, the Utrecht Holdings act as Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht, and offer professional help with legal issues, patents, life sciences and ICT business advice, as well as start-up support.

The Utrecht Holdings team is well equipped to help researchers with potentially patentable inventions or those who wish to start a business. The Holdings assist in protecting and commercialising intellectual property e.g. by licensing intellectual property rights or by starting up a new company. They can also assist in the exchange of confidential information and in the transfer of (biological) materials.