Cavadis announces succesful completion of Series A financing round
26 mei 2009, Utrecht (the Netherlands) - Cavadis announced today the successful completion of its Series A financing round. Cavadis, a biomedical company active in the field of atherosclerosis, develops and exploits a portfolio of cardiovascular biomarkers.
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The company will use the proceeds of the placement to develop a "plaque" diagnostic kit to identify patients at risk of developing heart attacks and strokes, and to accelerate its discovery program to identify a series of predictive biomarkers in blood or circulating cells.

Cavadis welcomes the equity investment of the dedicated life sciences investor Thuja Capital who led the financing round, while the company is very pleased with the ongoing commitment of its existing investors, ErasmusMC Biomedical Fund and Utrecht Holding BV. "We are pleased to have attracted Thuja Capital to strengthen our shareholders' base. Cavadis will capitalize on their expertise and experience in bringing young biotech companies to the next stage", said Heico Breek, CEO of Cavadis.


In the past year Cavadis has made substantial progress on the discovery side, generating a large portfolio of cardiovascular biomarkers and a series of atherosclerotic plaque derived protein signatures with a predictive power far stronger than any of the traditional cardiovascular risk factors. With this new funding the company will be able to develop a multi-marker panel based diagnostic test to identify patients at high risk of secondary cardiovascular events, hereby addressing the asymptomatic nature of atherosclerotic disease.

Thuja Capital

Cavadis' cardiovascular biomarker portfolio also attracted the interest of big pharma and diagnostic companies and several collaborations have already been initiated. "We are excited by Cavadis' innovative and clever scientific approach to identify new biomarkers and the impressive achievements that they have accomplished to date. We are determined to help Cavadis to become successful as a key player in the field of cardiovascular diagnostics and biomarkers", said Michel Briejer, Investment Director at Thuja Capital, who will join the Supervisory Board of Cavadis.

For further information please contact:
Heico Breek
Chief Executive Officer
t. +31 (0)30 236 73 96

About Cavadis
Cavadis is a Dutch biomedical company active in the field of cardiovascular risk assessment. We identified several novel biomarker predictive for secondary cardiovascular events. Our goal is to develop clinically meaningful risk stratification tools that will that will help to personalize treatment and achieve better patient outcomes.
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